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agCloud Software is cloud based | for the pa specialist | customised to give real tangible value | is very cost effective

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About Us

We provide genuine solutions to clients around the world,
creating solutions that generate meaningful value.

Our History

PCT-agCloud is not a start-up we just have a new name for the software designed and built by PCT Services, a precision agriculture service provider since 2001.

Tools were design specifically around corporate and innovative farmers to deliver real analytics and solutions.

Now these tools are being made available to the wider agriculture industry via different channels.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide Precision Agriculture Specialists with the tools that provide real value to farmers.

We know the word specialist in many cases is just a job description and doesn’t describe everyone’s capability.

agCloud is here to provide tools to change that. Tools to make genuine specialist in spatial data management and implementation.

Some agCloud Facts - 30 June 2017
Growers with data
Most data years
Most layers per field
% 100
Percentage of growers to benefit