Some of our customers

Are you a Precision Ag provider, Ag Retailer or maybe an equipment dealership and looking for a plugin platform that actually delivers your customers spatial data solutions. You only have one choice when it comes to real value based solutions and not ‘picture ag’ and hype. We won’t do everything, but in this field we are easily the best at what we do.

Some real PCT agCloud facts
Growers with data
Number of providers
Acres processed last year
% 98
Percentage of growers to benefit
Fairness Pricing - Monthly Spend

DIY or pay us to do it for you . Pricing is per month.

Packages are examples and can be customized to suit the size of your business. Packages are reviewed on an annual basis. There is no restriction on use during the subscription period.

Packages are available that include PCT agCloud processing and managing your data. If you require PCT agCloud to process your data the second number is the one to note.

Pricing is $DIY / $or we do it.

Areas included to assess your initial spend.

Single Entity / mth

$250 / DIY Only
Looking to do your own precision work. Try this on for size
  • Area - 3000
  • Use of all tools
  • Support Forum

Starter Package / mth

$750 / 1,500
Want to make a start and not sure of your requirements. Try this package.
  • Area - 10,000
  • Use of all tools
  • Support Forum

Small Provider / mth

$1,500 / 2,500
Perfect for small operations who work with 10-20 growers
  • Area - 35,000
  • Use of all tools
  • Support Forum

Medium Provider / mth

$5,000 / 7,500
Suitable for medium businesses with up to 50 growers
  • Area - 120,000
  • Use of all tools
  • Support Forum

Larger Business / mth

$6,250 / 8,750
Excellent for large businesses with 100 growers
  • Area - 200,000
  • Use of all tools
  • Support Forum

Partners - B2B / mth

Minimum requirement for extra large businesses.
  • API Access
  • Prioritized Support
  • Prioritized feature requests

About Us

We provide genuine value to clients around the world,
by creating solutions that generate meaningful value.

Our History

PCT has been around since 2001 so its not a start-up, We just have a new name for the software designed and built by PCT agServices, a precision agriculture service provider since inception but owned by people who have been in the business since the mid 90’s.

Tools were design specifically around corporate and innovative farmers to deliver real analytics and solutions that genuinely make the grower money.

Now these tools are more simple to use as well as more automated to take the stress out of data management for our customers.

What is important to us is to maintain the quality of data so the customers decisions are based on the right information.

Our focus is from the soil up and PCT agCloud tools and solutions enhances that philosophy.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide Precision Agriculture Specialists with the tools that provide real value to farmers.

We know the word specialist in many cases is just a job description and doesn’t describe everyone’s capability.

PCT agCloud is here to provide tools to change that. Tools to make genuine specialist in spatial data management and implementation.

PCT want to allow more people to provide the same level of service that PCT agServices does. Not many software companies understand the relationships between soil, terrain, climate and crop growth. They just copy other software and provide fancy pictures with no substance.

PCT agCloud provides answers so start asking us, the professionals, the questions you need answered.