Example data created by agCloud.

Note that all data created in agCloud can upload to a customers My John Deere account with click of a button.


Data provided by PCT Services. All data processing can be either semi or fully automated depending on the level of quality control sort.

Example Planting data with Application.

  • Observe the measured v target rates for planter accuracy and calibration for seed and planting applied nutrients
  • Show varieties at planting.
  • Make comparisons between planters and operators in multi machine operations.
  • Check speed v’s emergence NDVI.
  • Check for embedded trials – check for unintended trials (often the most reveling).
  • Precision Planting has additional layer such as ride and yield loss.


Example Yield

  • Post calibrate yield for accurate analysis.
  • Correlate Speed and potential combine losses. Can vary by operator.
  • Measure production of different machines and operators.
  • Build crop revenue layer.
  • Create Nutrient removal and N residual from legume layers
  • Show the Variety from the harvest operation.


Example Soil Sampling

  • Soil chemistry layer from lab results. (only a sample of layers shown)


Example of Soil Survey including elevation layers

  • Create and edited EC survey data.
  • Create elevation and derivatives fro RTK GPS data.
  • Download raw EC to use in the exclusive VRI Evaluator
  • Download the elevation to use for automated drain design in T3RRA Tools